Friday, November 26, 2010

First Giggles on Blogger with You

   This is my first post on my new Blog called... Giggles with God.  My main objective with this blog is to first and foremost be myself and hopefully entertain as well as lead good, clean fellowship.  I am in love with Christ and i find that it is so so so so so rare to find people i can talk to who will give me advice quite like God can.  Or make me laugh quite like God can.  Or make me feel all comfy cozy like God can.  So i feel like blogging about moments in my life where God shows me the way will help all of you who read this to ... follow your path God has created for you...

   I know most people have seen that commercial for Fidelity where there is a green line and the people are walking on it and it leads their way... or The Wizard Of Oz... the yellow brick road leads her to the Emerald City.  Well one way i find myself visualizing my walk with God is i am on a purple fuzzy carpet that is always leading me to where God intends me to be.  And if my Purple carpet begins to change colors i know it is no longer the path that i need to be on.  That's one way i feel makes it easy to imagine or understand the concept of our walk with Christ. 

   So Basically here is how my blogs with work usually.  I plan to start with a thing that happened to me that day... funny, sad, happy, boring.. just whatever happens.  Then i plan to have my main point or topic of the day.  Something that in my own life i feel i can share with the world to help them better handle their own life.  Then i plan to end with a few things maybe a prayer i feel like really ties up the whole blog or a verse that really touches on the concept of that days post or just something i feel is appropriate. 

   And Finally,  i want to tell you all i mean in no way to try to alter your own thoughts, feelings, or beliefs with this blog... i only wish to have a way of fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ and share my thoughts with the world... :D  I hope you all enjoy my blog and please please please i love hearing from people about your day or if you need advice i am more than happy to do my best to help.. so on that note please comment and tell people about me and my blog :) ...

God Bless,
      Jami D